Ever since the group formed in 2007 one of our prime objectives has been to reduce the community carbon foorprint by 20%.  This objective is enshrined in our Constitution which states that the goal for the 20% reduction should be 2018.  To this end the group is planning a community carbon audit to commence in early 2015.  The objectives of the audit are threefold,

  • to gauge progress since earlier audits in 2008/9
  • to raise awareness of how household energy usage and lifestyle impacts on our carbon footprint
  • to identify how the cost of carbon emissions reflects on household budgets

All households will be free to take part in the audit by use of an on-line questionnaire or paper based version delivered to users.  Collected data will be input to the Energy Saving Trust Carbon Calculator and the results shared with the community.  Individual household data will not be made public and will be secure on the Energy Saving Trust site.

All completed questionnaires will be entered into a raffle with a range of interesting and valuable prizes.

Commencement of the audit will be notified on this site, by local posters and via the Elham News.


Kent Car Share
Remember when petrol was 50p a litre? It still can be!

Go to https://kentcarshare.liftshare.com/directory.asp or read our carshare feature to find out how.

‘Cut out and keep’ guide to recycling unusual items

A guide to recycling unusual items such as computers, light bulbs, old trainers, and even your own hair!

Solar pv funding for community buildings

Despite our best efforts and the great support we had from the village we were unsuccessful in making it to the final round. However, we are looking to find alternative funding sources in 2013 so please watch this space!


A vision for the future

The group has been tasked by KCC to reduce the carbon footprint of the village by 20%.  Our roadmap shows the initiatives within the village that will help us achieve Low Carbon Community status.

Download the Elham roadmap to a greener future (pdf)

The elham communal allotment site

We are delighted to say that the Elham allotments launched in April 2012 are thriving and are now yielding some fine veg.  Anyone interested in applying for a plot should contact the site manager Mike Donnelly, <mikedonnelly2@hotmail.com>